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Green is particularly good at cancelling out redness, which is why Erborian CC Red Correct is infused with green pigments.

We all know our CC Creme offers beautifying benefits that can be enjoyed by all – a little like a pair of rose-tinted glasses that make everything look better. But now, we are introducing automatic color correction with CC Red Correct!

Erborian CC Red Correct offers an array of anti-redness benefits. It works to reduce the appearance of more or less permanent redness. It helps sensitive skin to feel better. It provides a solution for those whose skin reddens easily, and it works to calm overactive blood vessels.

No need to panic when you see the green! The encapsulated pigments become beige upon application – which, by the way, is incredibly easy!


Beauty Hacks

Dab on a small amount or apply more generously, depending on the degree of redness.

You can also use the zoning technique and apply to reactive areas, such as the cheeks or sides of the nose, before applying the CC Creme on the rest of the face.

And if you have redness all over your face, then apply all over!



Red Algae

For antioxidant benefits and red algae extracts are used for achieving multiple dimensions of brighter, healthy looking skin.

Centella Asiatica

A key ingredient, Centella Asiatica is an antioxidant-rich herb that is effective in treatment of wounds, prevention of premature aging and synthesis of collagen.


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