Erborian 1 2 3 Matte Kit


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Snag a flawless finish this Christmas with Erborian 1 2 3 Matte Kit. This festive season is all about staying primed and refined, and there’s nothing a multi-benefit combo can’t do to help you achieve that!

No matter the weather, the Matte, CC and BB Creme trio will moisturise, safeguard and prep your skin for that ultra-mattifying finish you’ve always desired.


Matte Creme 15ml

It's holographic glaze offers natural glow, blurring effect minimises visible pores, illuminating micro-pigments refine skin tones and non-oily formula conceals imperfections for that ultra-mattifying finish.

CC Creme Dore 5ml

This well-guarded secret is known to have encapsulated pigments that instantly refresh and brighten skin complexion with Vitamin B3 to strengthen skin barrier. You will be greeted with a healthy looking complexion in a matter of seconds.

BB Creme Nude 5ml

Erborian lightweight multi-purpose BB Creme gives the illusion of flawless skin by moisturising and refining skin texture.

Beauty Hacks

For night-long festivities, prime your face with Erborian Matte Creme, then a small amount of CC Creme - a little goes a long way. For a complete reinvigorated look, finish it off with your BB Creme.


Matte Creme

White Water Lily

An aquatic flower extract that nourishes, hydrates and brightens skin complexion.

CC Creme

Centella Asiatica

Increases collagen production and antioxidant activity to promote youthful and healthy looking skin.

BB Creme

Ginseng Root

Improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles. Antioxidants within boosts skin immunity to fight against harsh environmental factors that age the skin.