Erborian Yuza Collection

This my darlings, is range for everyone to call their own - Formulated for all skin types. Erborian Yuza Collection is packed with microcapsules of Vitamin C from peels of Yuza fruit. With antioxidants to help preserve the skin youth by combating oxygen free radicals that ages skin overtime. This prevents premature aging of the skin, keeping those fine lines at bay.

Together with Ceramides within the formulation, they work in harmony to reinforce skin barrier to hydrate and nourish the skin, leaving you with nothing but supple and smooth skin that will leave everyone else in awe.

Known for it's ''out-of-the-shower-glow", Erborian key product Yuza Double Lotion has it's unique combination of water-in-oil emulsion. It nourishes and preps skin right after cleansing to polish skin surface, bringing back the lustrous complexion we all know you have hiding beneath.

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