Erborian Ginseng Collection

Rewind the clock, it's time to revive the youth that have been neglecting. Do you know the perfect Ginseng takes at least 6 years to grow before it's ripe and full of collagen to harvest? That is exactly what we have bottled up in this range to help firm up and smooth out skin texture to preserve youth.

A skincare range fit for royalty, Erborian Ginseng Collection contains a highly concentrated dose of Korean Ginseng root extract to fight all signs of aging. The properties from the Ginseng root gives skin elasticity and toned while the natural Minerals, Amino Acids and Vitamins accelerate healthy cell renewal leaving your skin looking younger and firmer.

Grasp the core of the collection with Erborian Elixir au Ginseng, you are only a couple drops away from a luminous glow that will shine brighter than your crown.
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