Erborian Charcoal Collection

In with the new and out with the old - It's time to flush out all nasty things deep within pores! Charcoal is an active ingredient that dives deep within pores to rid impurities and excess sebum that has built up overtime.

The magical ingredient is known for it's detoxifying, mattifying and purifying properties. With Erborian's 7 Herbs Complex, they work in harmony with antioxidant properties to protect skin from free radicals that cause first signs of aging. Extracts like wild Chamomile flower and green tea leaf extract provide skin soothing properties to cater to even most sensitive skin types.

Would you ever believe that charcoal would be your best beauty ally? Erborian Charcoal Black Scrub promise to cleanse and purify skin within minutes to efficiently rid of all the nasties that have masked that radiant glow from underneath.
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