Way to GLOW!

June 07 2018

A look that’s always in style

Looking youthful will always be synonymous with looking fresh, dewy and glowing. If having #babyskin is your jam, GLOW will always be a word in your make up dictionary!

3 ways to glow in 1 product?

The Erborian GLOW CREME is an all-over illuminator, highlighter and make up base in one. It gives your complexion a fresh, dewy look, much like shimmering light! You skin will look as if it has crystals of ice catching the sun’s rays. This will create a beautiful and dazzling glow!

3 steps to glow!

Step one — all bases covered! Achieve a glowing and radiant complexion by using Erborian GLOW CREME as a primer. The presence of elastomers help blur imperfection for a smooth finish that beams!

Step two — blinding highlight! Packed with light-reflecting pigments used in Korean cosmetics, Erborian GLOW CREME gives a touch of iridescence to the parts of your face where you want to catch the most light. These sheer and barely-visible pigments create flickers of color. Behold the magic of this ultra-radiant effect!

Step three — end on a glowing note! For an ultra-glowy finish, apply Erborian GLOW CREME all over after your make up. Each time you apply it, you are infusing your skin with some of the most popular brightening agents from Asia, including licorice, poria cocos (a precious fungus that is traditionally used to help brighten the appearance of skin) as well as niacinamide, a well-known brightening ingredient especially loved in Seoul. This means that the more you use it, the more radiant your skin will become in the long run!

It’s time to glow! Shop for GLOW CREME now!

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