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February 01 2018

February is a big month. We got families to visit, dates to go but have the juggle of being at the office all day. Having time to treat yourself to several facials and pampering sessions to get that perfect glow can be time consuming! So, we are letting you in on our secret to give your face that radiant glow in a matter of seconds.

We have crafted just the right ingredients into our Glow Cream, along with the right amount of light-reflecting pigments to hydrate and lift your complexion at the same time. You can erase the fear of looking like a walking disco ball and focus on walking into the room with complete confidence this February.

There is no right or wrong way to highlight and illuminate your face. Here are two methods we personally deviate towards on a daily basis.

1 - Base coat
After moisturising, ensure that you apply a generous amount of Glow Cream all over your face and blend it in as you would with a moisturiser or foundation. Having this underneath, your foundation gives it a more subtle and radiant glow for the girls who want to be modest about their radiance. Proceed to apply CC Cream and it's light reflecting properties will not only even out but eventuate your inner glow.

2 - The cherries on top of the cake
Apply the CC Cream to even out skin tone and then squeeze a little bit of the Glow Cream onto your finger tips and dab it on the highest points of your face (your cupids bow, top of your cheek bones, your nose bridge and under your eyebrows) for that extra lift. Having it over top of your makeup means that, when you are walking into a restaurant comes Valentine's Day.  The light perfectly casts upon your reflection and you will be glowing from miles.

We are all sucker for products that do more than just one thing, as if the light-reflecting properties in the Glow Cream didn't win your heart over already. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe the skin with Vitamins E amongst various other ingredients to work against free radicals to protect your skin to prevent any skins of Anti-Ageing.

With this big tip for your Fabulous month ahead, all that's left to do is to go out and make a statement with the most radiant skin in the crowd. 

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