Stay Forever 21

January 01 2018

Everyone talks about ageing skin and making sure our diet has enough collagen to stay youthful but do we really know how our skin ages? Let us simplify how the ageing process all begins.

As each day goes by, no matter how old you are, collagen and elastin levels decrease. This causes a cell turnover which brings about the start of fine lines and wrinkly skin around areas like the eyes, lips and forehead. Yes, your skin is Ageing at this VERY second.

There is no natural to prevent the process from happening but one crucial way to aid in preserving your skin’s youth is simply through ensuring that your skin is supplied with the right ingredients that refill and increase the lost collagen and elastin. See! It’s that simple! Making smarter choices and being cautious about your skincare ingredients will help prevent yourself from turning to harsh non-natural decision in the end.

Erborian Elixir au Ginseng is a product that truly understands our skin. Not only does it contain extracts from 6 years old Panax Red Ginseng but it’s bounded in a micellar emulsion along with other botanical extracts, vitamin E and amino acids.

What does Ginseng really do for the skin?
It’s a secret that’s been around since the 1940’s and have been one of the most crucial ingredients in anti-ageing skincare regimes for hundreds of years. The Ginseng contains a large amount of phytonutrients that help increase your skin’s metabolism.

This means that your skin gets rid of natural ageing properties that your skin absorbs from your surroundings ie. free radicals and at the same time increases production of collagen to help amex your skin with it’s elasticity. This is why it’s known as the Queen of all anti-ageing products.

The micellar formulation is truly what makes this product so special because it encourages fast absorption rates. The particles of the elixir are so small that they get absorbed much faster than other products that require the skin to break down.

You will find that it’s not too runny nor too heavy and it absorbs into the skin incredibly fast without leaving the skin feeling sticky. With a formulation much that’s a hybrid between a serum and an essence, it will leave you with a slightly dewy finish to keep the skin looking plump. Making this your one stop to combating all signs of ageing, bottled up into a magical elixir.

Look’s like we have managed to deliver something that father Christmas couldn’t deliver this year.

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