Matte vs Glow

May 21 2018

When left with merely an hour to your spontaneous day outing later, what beauty look would you go for? What makeup finish would you want to pull off? And more importantly, how many products would you need to combine to achieve your desired finish?

Many times we find ourselves in a dilemma between the battle of the ultra-matte look and dewy-effect look. It’s almost reminiscent of all the instances we scroll through filter after filter to select the best one for that Instagram story we’re about to upload on our profile!

But here’s the catch - what if the Erborian Bamboo day creams save you all that contemplating and hassle of stacking products, while still giving you the option of switching between looks? For the fun, innovative and speedy girls of today, the Bamboo Matte and Bamboo Glow are cosmoceutical geniuses.


So you’re not feeling the radianted look today, but you wish to stay invigorated and smoothly powdered with an ultra-matte finish. The Bamboo Matte is your best bet.

Featuring Erborian’s Bamboo Waterlock Complex, it is a hybrid day cream that mattifies and moisturises. An easy and weightless powder-effect product, it can be used beneath your makeup (as a base) or over your makeup for a refreshed complexion (as a moisturiser). Versatility is queen!

With a high water concentration and non-oily formula, Bamboo Matte intensely protects your skin from dry conditions, reduces signs of fatigue and refines skin texture over time - all this while staying absolutely shine-free.


Say you’re feeling a little luminous today, and wish to revel in a plump, dewy-effect finish. Simply switch up to the Bamboo Glow.

Also infused with Erborian’s Bamboo Waterlock Complex, this aquagel cream locks in and maintains natural water levels in your skin instantly. The deal sealer? It can be worn on its own, or incorporated into your makeup routine, fuss-free.

With it's fine texture and quick absorption into your skin, you can stay mega comfortable all day and rock it's glamorous rose and glowy finish.

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