Dive Deep

March 05 2018

The Chinese New Year festivities are over and we are sure you have made a resolution to do a body detox from all the snacking.

Our skin is exposed to a lot more than just sunlight. If you think about the many things that comes into contact with your face, you will know what we mean. We are talking about the impurities and dirt that were transfer from your phone when you picked up a call, the pillow you lie on and the sweat from your boxing gloves.

These dirt particles nestle into the depths of our pores and together with the oil that’s being secreted from our skin, fuse and clog up your skin. The only way to combat this is to adopt a cleansing routine every morning and night to ensure that your pores are free from dirt so your skin can absorb the goodness from the skincare.

Solid Cleansing Oil (80g)
This is a personal favourite — There’s nothing like coming home and setting aside some “me-time” to really work a product into your skin to remove the dirt in the most gentle way possible. Infused with 7-herb complex that brings about numerous benefits to the skin. Not only does it cleanse, it hydrates and has calming properties to treat the most sensitive skin types as well.

Solid cleansing oil is completely sanitary and comes with a little spatula. Simply scoop a generous amount of the balm onto your fingertips and apply directly to your skin (with or without makeup). The Warmth of your fingers will melt the product allowing it to penetrate into your pores and absorb the dirt.

Once satisfied, use warm water to rinse off the oil. A pro-tip? Follow up with cold water to close off the pores to prevent any dirt from entering right after.

Double Mousse (90ml)
Now that we have made our skin squeaky clean, it’s time for second step with Double Mousse. This light and fluffy cleanser is a rich foam that brightens, cleanses the skin and remove excess dirt on surface that’s left behind.

The 7-herb complex, an absolute staple within our double cleansing refines the skin texture. Did we mention it’s 90ml? You might not want to forget this is the next time you board your little weekend getaway to a tropical island. We can promise you that even if you do walk away with sun-kissed skin while you’re out having a blast, there’s nothing quite like planting your face in a bed of clouds and going to bed with clear skin the next day.

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