The Perfect Correction

January 05 2018

As the years roll on, the list adds up. You have got CC (Colour Correcting) creams, BB (Beauty Balm), DD (Daily Defence) and even EE (Even Effect). If you find yourself with multiple tabs open on the web on the hunt for the perfect cream, you are not alone.

Everyone understands the purpose of a basic Beauty Balm, BB cream in short. It is a hybrid between a foundation and a tinted moisturiser to give you coverage while keeping your skin plump. With that, We have dived into one of our personal favourites, the Colour Correcting (CC) Cream.

A CC cream is essentially an evolved version of a Beauty Balm with added properties to fight discolouration or redness to provide a more even skin tone. What is so special about our CC Cream is that we have infused light-diffusing particles to brighten and polish complexion.

Why do we need Colour Correction?
No one is perfect. Some of us were born with slightly thinner skin that allows our veins to be seen a lot more than others, causing slightly purple or green undertones. Or some have slightly rosier cheeks that others. Colour Correction in general uses a range of colours based on the colour wheel to counteract with each other, resulting in a neutral base.

Let’s face it. We are not going to walk around with 10 different colours of concealers or primers in our makeup bags. Therefore, our one-stop solution leads us to the Erborian CC Cream.

The Finish
The lightweight formula comes out white but adjusts to your skin tone based on the warmth of your skin and within a matter of milliseconds, you will be able to witness the white cream blend effortlessly into a flawless finish on your skin.

You will notice that any sort of redness has been countered, dark circles too have been lightened. Thanks to the light-diffusing particles and the overall complexion. Perfection!

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