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March 28 2018

Originated from Asia and mostly South Korea, CC creams are known for it's colour-correcting capabilities, addressing concerns such as redness, sallowness and dark pigmentation.

With a myriad of beauty brands and CC cream options internationally, how does one choose the best contender? One thing’s for sure - we know one of our own is the creme de la creme among skincare lovers!

A miracle worker, Erborian’s high-definition CC Creme proves to be the strongest contestant yet. Featuring Korean technology and French savoir faire, this multi-purpose formula boasts colour-matching abilities, adapting to your skin colour when applied and exposed to air. Initially a shade of illuminating white when fresh out of the tube, the cream then changes colour to it's wearer’s skin tone upon blending. Just like a primer, it's encapsulated pigments instantly reinvigorates and brightens any skin complexion, blurs the appearance of fine lines and provides a flawless canvas for your makeup routine thereafter.

Highly raved throughout US and Europe since it's inception, this groundbreaking CC Creme has been flying off the shelves - even Sephora had trouble keeping it in stock! Earning itself 4-5 star ratings (almost full marks) throughout cosmetic sites on the World Wide Web, we turned to beauty experts and bloggers to find out why it is so tremendously loved.

Featured in a Laura Lee x Jeffree Star YouTube video review, Erborian CC Creme was dubbed “magical” for packing a punch with just a small dollop and “doing it's job despite being a lightweight foundation”. The celebrity duo praised the cream for covering more than expected, and for looking stunning even with concealer over it. Star also commented that the Erborian CC Creme tube gives you more cream content (45ml) than a regular foundation (around 30ml) - meaning a little does go a long way. If Jeffree Star loves it, we don’t see why you shouldn’t.

Produced in two colour-matching shades, this high-definition illuminator evens complexion for a diverse range of skin tones. Furthermore, it is infused with SPF25 to protect your skin from the harsh and harmful UVA/UVB rays, and contains vitamin B3 to strengthen the skin’s barrier function.

It's key ingredient is an antioxidant-rich herb extract called Centella Asiatica, effective in the treatment of wounds, prevention of premature aging and synthesis of collagen. Use it constantly, and you’ll stand out with radiantly healthy complexion in no time.

With a CC Creme this innovative and mind-blowing, dull days will forever be uplifted! Can we now all agree that the Erborian CC Creme is the epitome of “CC”?

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