BBeautiful In Every Way!

September 03 2018

What is your preferred style of beauty? Maybe you like a natural look, but just wish to add a bit of blurring and luminosity to your skin. Or perhaps you want some natural coverage, to give your skin a perfected everyday look. Whatever it is, we have the solution for you — our BB friends!

Routine 1: My skin but better!

Step 1: Prep your skin with our luxurious BB SHOT MASK.

Step 2: Remove the mask and pat the goodness into your skin.

Step 3: Add BB DROPS to your moisturiser as desired.

Step 4: Apply to your face and voila! You are done!

Routine 2: Everyday flawless!

Step 1: Repeat steps 1 and 2 from Routine 1.

Step 2: Follow with your favorite skin care regimen.

Step 3: Use BB CREME for a flawless finish.

This trio from our Erborian BB range will help you look flawless in the way you want, keeping you naturally flawless!


Our BB DROPS is a complexion concentrate that you can add to your favorite moisturiser for a “your-skin-but-better” finish! With just a few drops, it hydrates, smooths and refines your skin texture. Feel like you need a bit more perking up? BB DROPS is infinitely adjustable to your needs for the day! Simply add more drops of goodness as desired.

It also contains White Ginseng Complex to help smooth wrinkles, reduce the signs of ageing, protect and strengthen your skin’s barrier! Wow!


A mask that gives you a flawless BB effect? It is true! Our innovative BB SHOT MASK pampers you before you head out, while helping you achieve natural beauty instantly!

It uses smooth cellulose fibers to moisturise and plump your skin. See your skin become smoother and more refined. Your complexion will also look illuminated skin, for glowing and flawless skin!


Our BB CREME needs no introduction! Perfect and natural-looking skin is easily achieved with our award-winning favorite. Say goodbye to blemishes and small imperfections in just 1 step! It also helps even out complexion with a powdery finish, so you look fresh all day long!


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