Are you ready to go matte?

May 16 2018

The latest beauty trend 

The past few years in beauty was all about GLOW. But we think matte is coming back! The difference is this new-generation of matte will be a radiant matte that makes any complexion look and feel amazingly fresh. It is our new way of having #babyskin!

Not just matte, NEO-MATTE!

What exactly is “NEO-MATTE”? It is a matte finish that will not suffocate or weigh down your skin; a matte that seems anything but dull! It is not just about banishing sheen, but also finding a way to let your skin’s natural beauty shine through. Impossible? Well, Erborian has the answer. Introducing our all-new innovation — MATTE CREME!

3 steps to the perfect matte

Step one — control excess sebum. Erborian MATTE CREME doubles up as a skincare product to help control oils as well as maintaining your skin’s moisture level. This is thanks to a new ingredient from Korea: white water lily. The emollient-rich formula of Erborian MATTE CREME also helps moisturize your skin!

Step two — a natural finish. Erborian MATTE CRÈME contains silica powder that leaves skin not just matte, but ultra-matte. This natural powder is ideal for giving your skin a matte, velvety feel and helps to blur the appearance of lines, imperfection and pores. This also helps give you a soft-focus effect in a non-oily formula.

Step three — be vibrant! Thanks to its light-reflecting micro-pigments, your skin will see a three-dimensional matte finish that looks naturally radiant.

It’s time to go matte with your make-up.

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