3 Trick Pony

February 13 2018

Hydrating? Detoxifying? Energising?
Where does one start to venture in the world of masks? There is just simply too many to choose from. The answer is looking right back at you. You know your skin better than anyone else. The type of mask you choose depends on the situations and conditions that your skin's been put through. Maybe it’s one you need, or maybe it’s all!

There is nothing stopping a babe from owning all 3 of our star masks to take with you wherever you go. Here is an example — you are a jet setter hoping from flight to flight for your business deals. With that kind of stress and hard work you put your skin through.

Cabin pressure can seriously wipe out moisture from your skin. Run your fingers along your skin’s surface — if it’s feeling a little rough, or if you sense dry flakes around areas like your nose or your cheeks, you are in dire need of hydrating mask.

A good thing about our Bamboo Waterlock Mask is that it’s transparent! So you can lather on a generous layer mid-flight and head to the washroom to rinse without anyone noticing your mid-flight beauty ritual. Our Bamboo Waterlock Mask will cure that in a matter of minutes. Formulated with unique bamboo waterlock complex, the product dives deep into your pores to replenish and lock in that new found moisture to leave your skin looking extra plump just after a single use.

Now you are all settled in and after all that travelling, alas! You seem to have lost that radiant glow from beneath your skin. The time zone might have caught up but with our latest Spray to Mask technology, it will send a wave of vitamin C to wake your skin right up.

After a long hard day in a foreign city, impurities bound to be built up beneath the skin surface. The one way to prevent a long-term skin problem is to target it when it happens. Spend an extra minute with our Charcoal Black Mask to ensure the mask has sufficient time to dive deep and remove all the impurities. This saves you time fretting over pimples and dealing with clogged pores in time to come.

Maybe it’s a single condition that you are dealing with or perhaps it’s all. Whatever the case might be, you have to first listen to how your skin is feeling. A big tip is to always have a variety of skin treatments on standby to treat a symptom the second you feel it coming. Or better yet, be equipped with the very best to prevent your skin from ever losing it's Luster!

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